VITRUM brand  was founded in 1993 as a family-owned business.  Since then it has grown significantly to include many specialised departments and a 15000 sq.m manufacturing plant. Vitrum Group is represented in Latvia, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. Up to 60% of the total production and sales are exported abroad to: UK, USA, Russia, Norway, UAE, Belarus, Estonia, Germany and Romania. Vitrum Group's partners include "Continental", "Esso", "R-Kiosk", "Bridgestone" and many others.


Vitrum's departments:

  • Gastro equipment and solutions department
  • Retail equipment and branding department
  • Professional storage solutions department
  • Window and door department
  • Logistics and transport department
  • Service and maintenance department

Manufacturing plant capabilities:

  • Work with metal, glass and wood
  • Powder and liquid paint coating