We are thankful to the Minister for Economics of the Republic of Latvia Arvils Aseradens and the Deputy State Secretary Raimonds Aleksejenko for visiting our production facilities. During the visit Arvils Aseradens learnt about our products and made a tour to the manufacturing area.

We showed the production process of the refrigerated tables and professional kitchen equipment, soft furniture for bars and cafes, cabinet furniture for the stores, petrol stations, restaurants and, certainly, the process of school furniture manufacturing. We presented as well the most modern powder coating line in the Baltic States and had a look into the factory of the PVC and aluminum windows and doors production.

The product range of Vitrum Group is well known and highly valued in many countries of the world, and we are proud that all our products are manufactured with the mark “Made in Latvia”.

Reference about Vitrum Group

  • More than 150 people are working at the production facilities;
  • The production area is about 15000 sq.m;
  • We manufacture shop fittings and retail equipment, professional equipment for public catering, refrigerating units, storage racking and warehousing system, steel constructions, trade displays, furniture, PVC windows and doors;
  • Vitrum Group has representatives offices in Estonia, Norway, Russia, Germany, Sweden;
  • 40% of manufacturing range is supplied to the local market, 60% is exporting;
  • The products are exported to such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia,  Scandinavia, England, Germany, The United States of America, Turkey as well as to the countries of Asia and Africa.